About Us

The team at Peak Web Weavers specializes in the use of Open Source Software as our web development tool of choice. We do so because we can bring a reasonably priced product to the small business community and because we support the economic model that Open Source Software offers to us as web developers and you as our prospective clients.

The foundation of our business model and personal philosophy is simplicity and community. We are pioneers in our own small way in bringing a more collaborative and sustainable economic system to our planet. We believe it is time to bring a close to a system that is founded on competition, breeds isolation and greed, and does little to foster a vision that will support generations to come.

We not only use the latest generation of Open Source Software in support of your business needs but also support the growth and well being of Open Source publishing and content management systems. It is truly a community-based effort that is aligned with out vision of creating an alternative to the existing economic system that is making it increasingly more difficult for the small business and community enterprises to survive and prosper. Collaboration, cooperation, and community are the key components of the new model for locally based economies that we promote and live.

Thank you for considering Peak Web Weavers for your web development needs. It is our mission to support you with sensitivity, a keen awareness to the economic needs of small businesses and community efforts, a focus on sustainable lasting relationships, and on creating a strong and viable local economy to support all of us.

“If we know that what we are trying to accomplish is the spread of justice and social equality through the universalization of access to knowledge; If we know that what we are trying to do is build an economy of sharing which will rival the economies of ownership at every point where they directly compete; If we know that we are doing this as an alternative to coercive redistribution, that we have a third way in our hands for dealing with long and deep problems of human injustice; If we are conscious of what we have and know what we are trying to accomplish, when this is the moment for the first time in lifetimes, we can get it done.”

Eben Moglen
Source: http://www.geof.net/blog/2006/12/10/eben-moglen